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1 Hour Session and all images…$449

Your images are ready-to-view 24 hours online.

Download digital images suitable for printing up to 5×7

Order memory books and gift prints and, wall portraits (color-corrected and re-touched to perfection)

Books, wall portraits, and gift prints will arrive to your address within 72 hours of re-touch approval.

We only use the best Photo Labs in the county. Millers Digital Imaging and Bay Photo Lab. They deliver state of the art prints large and small using the best professional paper, mounting and technology available. The images ordered are always re-touched to perfection reducing wrinkles, acne, clothing malfunctions, etc. Stray tourists in the background are removed as well as any other unattractive elements. Head swaps are also done routinely, as in larger groups there are always blinks, odd expressions and smiles that are a little too big. Any and all re-touching is included in our pricing except for the images available for immediate download. We make family portraits east quick and fun!

Hawaii Family Portrait tips

Over the years Tim has photographed hundreds of families. These tips will help and give you piece of mind before and during your session. Plan on being barefoot. shoes and sandals don’t look right on the beach and toss sand in the air in the walking photographs. If one member is reluctant to remove their shoes, Tim can usually position them so that their feet are not seen. Be sure no one is wearing any clothing that is too small. This can not be corrected with Photoshop.

Getting the best from your kids, can frustrate some parents. With over 20 years photographing kids of all ages, Tim knows many techniques to bring them around and get great results. If you have any children who are acting up, shy or not cooperating, try stepping back and letting Tim work his magic with child psychology.

Usually the worst thing we can do is focus on the misbehaving child. It is much better to ignore them temporarily. This in it’s self will usually reverse the problem. Tim can reverse shy or uncooperative behavior, only when he is not competing for the attention of the child by others in the group. Try to avoid calling, coaching or any other behavior that will distract them from Tim’s report building efforts.

Don’t worry about children “melting down” or running out of patience. The beach is a very stimulating atmosphere and with Tim playing games and interacting with them, They almost always want to keep going even after our time is up.

What to wear in a family portrait 

What your family chooses to wear in a family portrait can make the difference between a beautiful image on your fireplace mantel or a deleted image into the recycle bin. As a rule you want everyone to be equal in visual impact. This means that no one stands out any more than anyone else. An example might be, most of the members of your family wearing solid light clothing and the rebellious teenager wearing a bold pattern or big logo on their shirt. Obviously the teenager is going to get all the focus and their body is going to get more focus than their face. If you know you’re going to be in an outdoor location that is light like the beach, lighter clothing on everyone is much better because it blends with the background and all of your faces and expressions are what you notice first in the portrait. Try to avoid a checkerboard of light and dark. If the location happens to be a darker area like the woods, a garden, or inside a home, then I would suggest darker clothing to blend with that background. Dark clothing has the illusion of being formal and light clothing has the illusion of being more playful. Keep this in mind when deciding what to wear in a family portrait.
When choosing a shirt, blouse or top, sleeveless tops will make your shoulders and arms look bigger. Anyone conscious of the size of their arms and shoulders should be wary of this. A high neckline tends to make any face look rounder and wider. Where a V-cut neckline showing skin makes a face look longer and narrower. Hair can also be used to make a face look more narrow, if the hair is used to frame the face, coming down the middle of the cheek that too will slenderize a face. Some things to avoid an outdoor portrait sessions are ruffles on closing that can blow in the wind. Baggy tops blouses that can catch wind and give the pregnant look. Choosing color(s) in the clothing is fine. If the same color(s) is expressed on a couple or few different people, the effect is balanced and attractive. You should never wear clothes that are too tight or that make you feel awkward in them. If you feel awkward then you will look it. You wouldn’t think it would matter. but actually the age of the clothing can be an issue. I always suggest new clothing wrinkle free. I hope this gives you some good tips for your next family portrait and you don’t end up regretting what someone wore. More helpful tips coming up, stay tuned.

Just families.

Will it be fun? “Tim, we had such a great time with you! Even our 18 year old said the family shoot was fun. Good  job.” M.S.

Will they come out? With hundreds of happy families photographed, be sure you won’t be hiring a wedding photographer who needs an extra gig.

Will the kids be difficult? “Thank you for such a magical remedy to our son’s Big Island Family Photography - 2meltdown. We thought our pictures would never come out but your child psychology” saved our session. T.D.

Will he understand what I am expecting ? “The first question I ask is, what are you visualizing your images will look like?” (IE; candid, un-posed, walking down the beach together, a perfect grouping of everyone looking at the camera, each child’s own photo shoot, “focus on our parents first, it’s their anniversary”).

Will the whole thing be easy? That’s why you hire a family specialist, Your session can be fun, effortless and one of the highlights of your vacation.

Will I get a good deal? “Well, $449 is a big investment but having fun, being in the best hands when you have spent so many resources to get here, Tim is worth every penny. You will always be our Big Island photographer.” JR

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       Tim Rice now, you won’t regret it.Big Island Family Photography - 11


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